Massachusetts is one of the most popular territories among tourists in the United States and is known as the home of the Independence of the United States and for housing the best universities in the country.

In each of the state’s cities there are endless activities organised that let you experience all of its history first-hand. However, this article will give you reasons that will help you to plan your visit to this magnificent state.

Visit the Clark Art Institute:

This marvellous institute, located in the city of Williamstown, was founded in 1955, by the collector Sterling Clark and his wife. In its early days, the Institute was conceived as a museum of works of art and a research centre promoting education and culture.

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The Institute’s exhibitions include a large collection of 19th century paintings, among which you can find many impressionist paintings from artists such as Monet, Degas and Renoir. You can also see an extraordinary collection of works from the Italian Quattrocento.

The Institute also presents temporary exhibitions of great artists like Picasso and decorative art exhibitions belonging to Europe and the United States.

If you decide to visit the Institute, you will find a detailed explanation of what is exhibited in each of its rooms. Moreover, this museum has all you need to have a marvellous day, since it has cafés and restaurants and is easily accessible for people with reduce mobility.

Although it has been open for various decades now, the museum remains faithful to the style and interests of its creators. This institute is undoubtedly a jewel in the crown of the state of Massachusetts and is a place you can’t miss.

Salem Night Tour:

Located in Essex County, the city of Salem was the scene of the famous trials in which various people were accused of and condemned for practicing witchcraft.

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These events led to the proliferation of legends that related the name of the city with esotericism forever. For this reason, even nowadays, Salem is still visited by tourists searching for terrifying stories.

The “Salem Night Tour” tries to recreate these events. As its name suggests, at nightfall historian takes the tourists through city streets, showing them the places where the historic events took place and telling ghost stories that add an air of suspense to the tour, making it more exciting.

Visit Fenway Park on a game day:

This stadium is the home of the Boston Red Sox. For many, it represents history and tradition in the world of American baseball, something that you can experience yourself, especially if you go on a game day.

The centre offers a range of tours, but nothing compares to visiting the stadium on a game day.

Imagine that you can go into the stadium before the rest of the public. You will get the chance to see the facilities up close, to visit the Red Sox Hall of Fame, to buy souvenirs to remember your visit, to sit on top of the “Green Monster” and to see the players practicing. Is there anything better for baseball lovers? Well, this is what you will be guaranteed if you decide to live this exciting experience.

Trip to‎ Martha’s Vineyard:

Another powerful reason to visit Massachusetts is the trip to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. This adventure begins by getting a ferry from the dock at Island Queen in Falmouth to the island.

Once there, you can take a 3-hour tour accompanied by a guide, who will show you the most interesting places, while telling you their history, or you can rent a bicycle or a car to see the island by yourself and in your own time.

During the trip, you will enjoy rural landscapes of unparalleled beauty. You will be able to visit places like the amazing Gay Head Cliffs and the historic lighthouse at Aquinnah. You will also see the town of Edgartown, famous for the whale hunters’ houses and the busy shops in the centre.

This trip has everything you need to have the best experiences of your life: promenade, amazing landscapes and exciting stories waiting to be discovered.

As you can see, there are fantastic places in Massachusetts that you should visit at least once in your life. So don’t leave it any longer and plan your visit to this marvellous state, where I can assure you that you will have unforgettable experiences.

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