ESTA denotes the automated and online system for issuing travel allowance to USA Visa waiver country citizens under specific situations. The online application process and obtaining clearance through it is a quick and hassle-free experience in most cases. However, a few applicants may not be as lucky and they may get a response notifying their ESTA applications are in pending status.

If a candidate gets the response that his/her ESTA application is pending that means the CBP is reviewing the information in the application. A 72-hour timeline is given for final resolution.

Why the ESTA application may be shown as pending?

Sometimes, the ESTA applications submitted by certain applicants may be checked at multiple levels for security reasons. This can lead to the deal and pending status. The authorities need to determine if the applicants pose any security or immigration risk or not.

What to do when the ESTA application is in the pending state?

If an applicant finds the ESTA application is in a pending state, he/she can wait for 72 hours- which is the official timeline for the status finalization. After that, he/she will get to know the result of the application anyway. Based on the result, the applicant may proceed to the next step.

What if the ESTA pending status does not alter after 72 hours?

It is highly unlikely that after 72 hours of application the application stays will still be pending. However, in some rare cases, it may happen. The applicants need to get in touch with the ESTA assistance cell or helpline to get the facts clear. It may so happen that the candidate may have to submit a fresh application online for ESTA.

To evade getting a pending status post applying for ESTA, the applicants should ensure they enter correct data in the online form – after checking their passports well.