ESTA is an online and automated system deployed to check eligibility of Visa waiver country citizens to travel to the USA sans a regular Visa, under specific situations. The application process and eligibility checking are done online. However, at times, the applicants may need assistance and that is when they may need to access ESTA contact number/ ESTA helpline.

The process for applying for ESTA and obtaining clearance is fairly simple and does not take very long. In most cases, the applicants get to know their application status without delay. However, in some exceptional and rare instances, they may face delay and the uncertainty may make them seek ESTA contact number/ ESTA helpline.

They may seek such assistance in a number of situations.

It may be necessary when an applicant fails to get an update on his/her ESTA application hours in the 72 hours timeline. It is quite rare but can still happen when the information provided by an applicant in the ESTA online application form needs to be verified at many levels.

If the candidate mistakenly informs wrong information in the online ESTA application form and that does not match with the information in his/her passport, delays can happen. Sometimes, the applicants may seek the assistance of ESTA contact number/ ESTA helpline if they face any hardship in filling the online application form.

If the candidates realize they have entered the wrong information in the online ESTA application form after submission, they may seek assistance as well.

Whatever the reason is for seeking assistance on ESTA application, the candidates need not hesitate! The online support for ESTA applicants is there and the applicants may make use of email and telephonic support. This will ensure they get to know the application status or the reason that is leading to a delay in getting ESTA clearance.